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Where we've been. Who we are today. Where we'll be tomorrow.

From a four person company starting out on Verndale Street, to one of the largest independent agencies in the industry. Find out how it all started.


Where it All Started

Starting off with four entrepreneurs in an apartment on Verndale Street in Brookline, MA, Verndale, now a leading Experience Technology Company, took flight as a technical, by nature, website development and hosting shop focusing on educating SMBs why they needed a web presence.


Enter, A Full-Service Digital Agency

As the digital market shifted, so did Verndale. This time period is when we hired on a Creative Director and established what would become our Managed Services offering, which allowed the company to shift from strictly technical to a full-service digital agency. With larger clients coming our way, Verndale created a custom content management product which allowed our clients to quickly produce and customize webpages without having to understand HTML and basic web development.


Acquired Solid Sense

As Verndale continued to grow, and the focus shifted more towards technical integrations, we needed to make moves. Understanding the growing market demands for enterprise Content Management System (CMS) integrations, we searched for small acquisition targets that would allow us to get into the space immediately. This led us to acquiring Solid Sense, a small CMS integration company headquartered in Waltham, MA who specialized in Ektron, a leading CMS at the time. The two companies would operate under the Verndale name in our downtown Boston headquarters.


One of the first Sitecore Partners in North America

Already having an established business with Ektron, we looked to further expand our offerings and the CMS options we provided to our clients. After months of market and product research, we found an up-and-coming product, Sitecore CMS, which was just starting to get traction in North America at the time. Through this process, Verndale became one of the first Sitecore Certified Partners in North America.


First Regional Office Expansion - Raleigh

As our business continued to grow and enhance our expertise, it was time to test the waters in other parts of the country. Understanding the incredible market opportunity that existed in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States, Raleigh, NC became Verndale’s first regional sales office.


First Global Office Expansion - Bangalore

In the middle of 2011, discussions began around the need to access additional technical talent outside of North America, and to establish a global delivery model that would further mature the value proposition we represented to our clients. The Bangalore India office officially opened in the Fall of 2011, quickly establishing itself as a technical and innovation hub, allowing Verndale to develop around the clock.


Headquarters Moves to 28 Damrell Street

With just under 120 employees, finding a space large enough to accommodate a young, growing company in the Boston area was critical. At the end of this year, Verndale purchased 28 Damrell Street in South Boston, providing enough space and the right office environment that would allow us to grow and collaborate for many years to come.


Growth and New Brand - Oh My

Regional Office Expansion - Chicago
With the growth and in region demand for technology service providers, we took our expertise to the central region. Opening an office in downtown Chicago, Illinois allowed us to better serve our existing and future client base in the region.

Regional Office Expansion - Texas
In early September, Verndale was at it again, this time expanding our reach and expertise by opening an office in Dallas, Texas.

Acquires Viridian Spark
Always looking to expand our talent and client base, we continued our trend of seeking out good acquisition targets that aligned with our corporate culture and goals. In late September, we acquired a boutique digital technology agency that specialized in Sitecore-based deployments, Viridian Spark.

New Look, New Positioning
With continued growth and business maturity came the need to reflect on our brand and market position. Understanding that the company we were wasn’t properly represented in the marketplace, a new look and market position was established.

15 Years in Business
With so much taking place in just one year alone, it was time to step back and celebrate the accomplishments, growth and business that the company achieved over the last 15 years in business with a 15th anniversary celebration.


Revisiting the South

Regional Office Expansion - Florida
Marking the third office to open in a twelve month period, we opened an office in Tampa, Florida to better reach and build connected, interactive experiences for our current and future clients in the Southeast.

Raleigh Office Scales with Development Team
Established in 2011 as the first regional expansion, the quickly growing regional office has expanded to include business development, strategy and development resources providing well rounded experience technology services in the south.


Another Acquisition, Deepening Expertise and Expanding Reach

There had always been plans to expand to the west coast, and continuously grow our reach. But when collaborating on a project with a particular agency, Dustland, it became clear that we shared a similar vision and value system. Combining companies and expertise was only a logical solution. In July of 2015, Verndale acquired Dustland, deepening their unmatched strategic, creative and technical services, as well as expanding our presence and reach to the west coast and Quito, Ecuador.


Building a Better Community

Verndale has always been focused on giving back to local communities across the globe. In 2016, the team augmented its volunteer efforts and kicked off a volunteer program - Verndale Cares. Through Verndale Cares, Verndale employees are encouraged to get involved in causes that matter to them in a big way. All Verndale offices are now organized around and involved in community service efforts. Verndale is involved in many organizations some being: The Greater Boston Food Bank, Ecuador Earthquake Relief, The Samarthanam School, Rebuilding Together, and more. Learn more about our Verndale Cares program and upcoming volunteer events!


Onward and Upward

Stay tuned for Verndale updates throughout the year. Trust us - you won't be disappointed.