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Verndale and MobileBridge Join Forces to Deliver Groundbreaking Customer Experiences and Mobile Marketing Automation Solutions

Boston MAVerndale, the global Marketing Technology Agency that is pioneering the way people and brands connect, has joined forces in a strategic partnership with MobileBridge™, a technology leader in Mobile Marketing Automation.

With this powerful alliance, both Verndale and MobileBridge share the same vision: Driving contextual and engaging mobile customer experiences is an absolutely fundamental and integral part of building a viable framework for customers to accelerate their omnichannel visions and sustain cohesive and personalized experiences.

“This partnership with Verndale is very exciting, while we have always shared the same vision, it’s finally time to roll up our sleeves and jointly deliver solutions which are truly state of the art. Building upon their great capabilities, knowledge and experience, Verndale is a great match for us,” comments Eyal Oster, CEO of MobileBridge.

Companies which realize that native or hybrid mobile apps must no longer be a passive, separate silo will stand a greater chance of fulfilling new customer demands. In a reality where customers expect their favorite brands to have all channels readily available with the best customer/user experiences, brands must extend their marketing far beyond a responsive-designed website, personalized eCommerce site, or mobile-friendly website. An omnichannel strategy must include engaging and meaningful mobile apps, which according to ComScore, consumers spend 90% of their digital time on apps.1

The value of building a strong and cohesive omnichannel strategy reaps lucrative ROI. According to a recent study conducted by the Aberdeen Group, companies with omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain on average 89% of their customers, compared to 33% for companies with weak omnichannel customer engagement.2

“For our clients who seek high-touch relationships with their mobile-empowered customers, MobileBridge is a viable solution for delivering a best in class mobile experience. This partnership is exciting for us as it allows our clients to get more value from Verndale’s experience in omnichannel strategy and technology execution that is empowered by MobileBridge’s excellence in mobile marketing automation,” says Sean Rusinko, SVP of Strategy, Verndale.

Thus, MobileBridge and Verndale’s collaboration is a very powerful mix. MobileBridge’s mobile marketing automation solution and Verndale’s omnichannel strategy expertise will deliver world-class mobile app experiences and at the same time, mobile app development, mobile optimized sites and overall digital strategy will deliver brands the right tools, processes and technologies they need in order to fulfill the new demands of the modern consumer.

About Verndale
Verndale is the Marketing Technology Agency that brands call when they want to connect with their customers in a more meaningful way. It designs, builds and evolves digital experiences that mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies use to bring their products and services to life for their always-on customers. Offering unparalleled strategy, experience design, technology and post-launch managed services, Verndale works across departments and platforms to create and sustain cohesive experiences that both marketing and technology leaders love. One of the largest independent agencies in the industry, Verndale is headquartered in Boston with five additional offices across the U.S. For more information, visit

About MobileBridge
MobileBridge™ is a mobile marketing and engagement automation platform that rapidly integrates into existing apps and empowers marketers to design and automate exceptional mobile journeys by building powerful workflows which drive contextualized, one-on-one mobile engagements through an array of interactive, rich mobile assets. Assets are, but not limited to, high quality, creatively rich, interactive engagement tools like coupons, vouchers, surveys, polls, messages, 3D product models, videos, loyalty points, games, etc. – all native designed to be displayed in a pixel perfect way on the screen of the mobile app. The MobileBridge platform can leverage indoor and outdoor location proximity technologies through geo-targeting and beacons, gamification, weather services and more.

The MobileBridge platform can also be integrated with external CRMs, eCommerce platforms, marketing automation platforms, POS, DAMs and loyalty solutions; enabling data exchange and utilization between systems and channels.

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