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Analyze, personalize and deliver the experience your customers want.

In today's digital world, it is no longer about just getting content onto a page and distributing any message to your users. Successful organizations require a sophisticated, single solution that monitors and delivers the right message throughout a user's journey.

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Customer Experience Management

At Verndale, we help organizations – large and small- harness the power of Customer Experience Management (CXM) platforms to build, drive and deliver consistently relevant experiences that convert users and build a base of loyal, brand advocates.


A Single Solution to Create a Seamless Experience

At the core of any digital transformation project is the Customer Experience Management platform. As the central command for digital marketing, content management, experience marketing and analytics insights, CXM platforms allows you to deliver the experience your customers are expecting.


Customer Experience Management

Back-office Systems & ERP

Backbone Business Resource, Process and Reporting Platforms Used Across Departments

Commerce Platforms

Powerful Commerce Platforms and Connected Inventory Systems to Manage the Transaction

Content services & Empowerment

Content Translation, Author Empowerment Tools and Video Content Systems

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Systems that harness Customer Identity, Empower Sales and Customer Service Operations

Digital Marketing Tools

Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Testing and Optimization and Personalization

Analytics & Business Intelligence

Traditional Web Analytics to Sophisticated Business Intelligence Reporting