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A fresh take showcases high-end experience at leading theme park.

Our Challenge

Deliver a superior, multi-device website for SeaWorld's premium day resort.

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SeaWorld Parks & Resorts Orlando's Discovery Cove is a high-end day resort, offering guests a limited-availability, interactive experience with fish and wildlife in an exclusive tropical setting. Admission is limited each day to ensure guests have a relaxed, unique experience and serves as the ultimate experience at SeaWorld Parks and Resorts Orlando.

They had made a significant investment in Sitecore for their other sites but a legacy platform caused limitations to the platforms features and a rash of technical issues.

Areas of Opportunity:
  • No mobile capability
  • Technical difficulties
  • Limitations of Sitecore XM features

SeaWorld needed the site redesigned to leverage Sitecore's Experience Marketing (XM) features and deliver a truly unique, multi-device digital experience.

Our Solution

What Did We Do?

Developed a solution plan, created comprehensive functional documentation and rebuilt the site on top of the existing Sitecore instance.

Areas of Enrichment
Documentation >

Developed comprehensive documentation to detail the full range of site functionality.

Collaboration >

Engaged with SeaWorld team at a detailed level throughout the project.

Experience >

Drafted formal documentation and prototyped the mobile experience.

Integration >

Integrated with ecommerce platform that was used to facilitate the reservations and shopping cart experience.

Our Process

How Did We Do It?

Through extensive technical Sitecore expertise and experience design proficiency.

Business Discovery

Defined business goals, validated and prioritized features and functionality.

Technology Discovery

Drove architectural review, functional definition, and mobile requirements.

Market Analysis

Determined need for premium site to match Discovery Cove high-end experience.

Experience Architecture

Incorporated mobile experience into partially completed design.

Iterative Design

Used agile design concepts to co-develop solutions with SeaWorld.

Template Design

Developed standard for migration and redesign for other park sites.

Site Remediation

Completed the partially built Sitecore implementation.


Built service interface to eCommerce systems enabling control through experience management platform.

Responsive Approach

Used Sitecore best practices to build a mobile experience and enhance desktop version.


Defined KPI and Analytics to measure performance.

Experience Marketing

Leveraged the full features of Sitecore customer experience management platform.

Unique Experience

Designed site to distinguish it from all other SeaWorld sites.

The Results

Taking the digital experience into the wild

The new site is now the template for future sites. Designed with best practices in mind, the site sets a firm foundation for all future development.

Experience it yourself

The Results
SeaWorld Benefits Include:
Improved conversion across mobile devices
Expanded upsell/cross sell opportunities
Enhanced view of park experience
Increased overall conversion ratios