Sitecore Training

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Giving your team the tools and training they need to best leverage Sitecore's capabilities.

From technical developer training to content editor training that teaches your team how to update and maintain your site with updated copy and imagery to digital marketing training that empowers marketers to leverage Sitecore's DMS/XM capabilities, our team has the ability to train you on all of Sitecore's features and functionality.

Content Editor Training

Offered as a multi-day, in person training, our content author training is designed to familiarize and arm your team with the skillset needed to manage and maintain your on-going digital web property. Every training is customized to your specific instance of Sitecore and conducted in a lab environment that shows you the fundamentals of the application, including site-specific modules and templates, workflow and security and permissions. Using best practice techniques, we work with your team to guide them on organizing content, organizing the media library and structuring your Sitecore instance in such a way that it can easily be maintained and extended for a large group of content authors. The experience editor - we show you the different interfaces the platform has to offer including…

Co-Development/Developer Training

Conducted as an immersive workshop, Verndale takes its best practice standards and years of platform expertise to extend the knowledge and coding standards so your team can quickly get up to speed in any engagement. Regardless of skillset, Verndale can offer guidance on how to structure your front-end development, back-end engineering or quality assurance process. Collaboratively, we work to adopt or recommend process around developing governance, back-log prioritization and meeting collaborative standards.

Digital Marketing Training

Offered as a 1 to 2 day course, our training is designed to help our clients best leverage the marketing functionality within Sitecore. Each training is conducted in a live Sitecore environment and helps your team get trained up on Sitecore analytics, automation, personalization and testing. Not only do we review Sitecore DMS/XM fundamentals and best practices but we also make sure that your team knows how to best leverage the data and information gathered within Sitecore to develop a personalized, tailored conversation with each user and mature digital marketing efforts across the board.